Coax Networking

Multi-Dwelling-Unit, Hotel, use TV cable as network wire

MDU - Mult-Dwelling-Units, has been an exceptional case for operators. Mainly because the ownership of the coaxial network usually belongs to the building owner instead of cable operators. In the past, MSO or telcos are the only service provider, so the building owner has very little choice to make their own decisions. Now, by connecting FTTB, Actioncable products can help to deliver multiple services (HDTV over IP and HSIA) to every rooms with lighting speed using the existing coaxial network. This will greatly reduce the cost for each room/home. We have 100Mbps version and 2.5Gbps version of product line, please check out our product page and select from it.

Fibe to the Building/Fiber to the Curb
As fiber being deployed deep into where very close to the homes, the solution for last 300m from node to residential has become the hotest topic for years. Same time, the widely acceptance of HD contents demands much higher and quality bandwidth. IPTV, VOD, DVR and many new services require interactive and high quality bandwidth. All these raise the bar for the technology for connecting to the homes/rooms. Telcos such as Verizon has abandon the traditional telephone wire and started FTTH, however, it has been a slow and expensive process. MSOs (Cable operators) on the other hand, has solid coaxial network which connected almost every single home, which give them the low cost and fast deployment to enable customer with latest services. Actioncable provides the complete solution for cable operators with high speed, high quality bandwidth without rewiring outside and inside of customer's home. For each segment of coaxial network, the solution can achieve up to 400Mbps HD quality bandwidth without disturbing the existing digital TV services and cable modem offerings.