IPTV System

Complete IPTV solution for Hospitality
Actioncable offers complete IPTV solution which is suitable for hotels, hospitals, resorts, casino and others. State of art integrated smart TV eliminates the clumsy STB from the TV, brings more completed integration, stability and simplicity to the system. Elegant TV interface is customized for each hotel based on the need from hotel. The system provides all standard features including Youtube and Netflix. Actioncable will also bring new marketing concept and new revenue stream to the property. 

The following are few examples from Hampton and Atour. We have list of templates to choose from and also support full customized design of front end interface. 


Naked-Eye 3D TV

No glasses 3D. Capable to form TV wall.

The latest exciting product belongs to bare eye 3D TVs. The patented technology allow 3D images and videos to be viewed without wearing the the 3D glasses. It has 168 degree of viewing angle, give surprising effect to viewers. Further more, multiple screens of 3D TVs and 2D TVs can be used to built TV walls Main market is movie theaters, shopping malls, KTV rooms, casinos, airport, and more.

Hospitality WiFi Hotspot

Manage every single WiFi device in the network

Hotel hotpot is a dynamic and diverse environment. Actioncable hotel hotspot server is capable to manage every single connected devices, pass or no pass, bandwidth, blocking or always allow, controlling and option of logging. It prompt user with login screen and also capable of working with the hotel systems. There are varies type of servers to suite different size of the hotel. All of them can be remotely managed.


Coax Networking

Multi-Dwelling-Unit, Hotel, no more new wire

MDU - Mult-Dwelling-Units, has been an exceptional case for operators. Mainly because the ownership of the coaxial network usually belongs to the building owner instead of cable operators. In the past, MSO or telcos are the only service provider, so the building owner has very little choice to make their own decisions. However, nowadays, the fiber deployment has become cheaper and more available. Smaller integrators have rose to help to build and service hotels, hospitals, or large apartment complexes. Because smaller integrators tend to have much lower cost compare to cable operators or telco, it has become a win-win business. Satellite operators also become a player who can fill in the content part of need. Actioncable offerring can help to deliver multiple services (HDTV over IP and HSIA) to every rooms with lighting speed using the existing coaxial network.

Fibe to the Building/Fiber to the Curb
As fiber being deployed deep into where very close to the homes, the solution for last 300m from node to residential has become the hotest topic for years. Same time, the widely acceptance of HD contents demands much higher and quality bandwidth. IPTV, VOD, DVR and many new services require interactive and high quality bandwidth. All these raise the bar for the technology for connecting to the homes/rooms. Telcos such as Verizon has abandon the traditional telephone wire and started FTTH, however, it has been a slow and expensive process. MSOs (Cable operators) on the other hand, has solid coaxial network which connected almost every single home, which give them the low cost and fast deployment to enable customer with latest services. Actioncable provides the complete solution for cable operators with high speed, high quality bandwidth without rewiring outside and inside of customer's home. For each segment of coaxial network, the solution can achieve up to 400Mbps HD quality bandwidth without disturbing the existing digital TV services and cable modem offerings.