ActionTV is a new generation of hospitality smart TV which fully integrates stb inside. As result, it gives much better experience and overall performance to guests. It is more stable, smooth, and clean. STB or no STB is not a question any more. Both hotel, guest and system integrators loves it. There are screen size from 32” to 65" to choose from.

Another new creation from us is the Bare-eye 3D TV, which is another eye catching technology. Patented technologies allow viewers to see 3D effect without any accessories such as 3d glasses. Multiple screens can be used to form TV walls in order to have even better effects than single TV. 


Total Solution

Actioncable offers full solution of IPTV, WiFi server, 3D TV wall and coax networking products. Our solutions keep simple, high quality and effective. Coax networking bring high quality network to every room using the existing coax wire. It eliminates the need of putting new network cable, reduce the time to deploy and destruction of the hotel. 


The New 3D World

3DTV without glasses?! It will a new life to 3D contents. We made further steps by cascading multiple screens into wall of 1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 3x3 ... The wall will enhance the 3D effect dramatically. No matter it is a new movie, or a new products or new idea, it will catch more viewers and more important and let them remember. 

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